Engineering - Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Structural Drawings

Our set of engineering outsourcing services, available to clients throughout the UAE and globally, includes structural drawings. Not only will we bring any structural drawing to life, but through thorough consultation with our clients and accurate calculations using softwares such as SAP and ETABS, we can make sure all of their needs are met. We pride ourselves on producing wholly accurate structural drawings that are designed and drafted to showcase all of the intricate technicalities of a planned structure. 


hvac drawings

Leveraging on the accuracy that comes with the software, REVIT or AutoCAD, we're able to craft high-quality HVAC designs and drawings. So if you're looking for Mechanical design & drafting support with a heating and cooling system, then we have the tools in place to ensure your design is spot on. Our outstanding expertise in providing HAP files and calculations ensures an accurate design for a heating and cooling system meeting your building design requirements. Complying to the unique needs of your development, our bespoke MEP support services go beyond a standard 2D AutoCAD drawing package by providing advanced details for critical areas of the package, such as duct hanging details, grill frame details and much more if required.


Electrical Drawings

We know that every building is different, and that's certainly the case when it comes to electrical drawings. That's why we work using the most advanced BIM software, REVIT, or using AutoCAD to develop your electrical drawings and details, specifically designed for your project. We'll make sure that every intricate detail is just right, showcasing all your wiring and electrical equipment with a high level of accuracy and clarity. Our electrical drawing service includes design and drafting of electrical drawings, include but not limited to Power and Lighting floor plans with clear legends, accurate schematic diagrams, schedules, and details.


Plumbing Drawings

Plumbing (Water Supply, Drainage, Storm Water), an essential component of any building and it's vital that your plumbing drawings are wholly accurate. Our MEP REVIT and AutoCAD design and drafting service is able to precisely illustrate the technical work that is required in your building with outstanding clarity. By using clear and concise legends, our plumbing drawings are both detailed and easy to understand. So whether you need accuracy in your riser schematic diagrams or require extensive detailing for your Plumbing package, do not hesitate to get in touch.


Fire, Life and Safety Drawings

Every building will need to have a proper fire, life and safety strategy thoroughly drawn up before it is in use. An accurate fire, life and safety drawing can help prevent everything from potential damage to the loss of life. We want to help you keep your building safe at all times from conception to completion, which is why our reliable drawings take every safety measure into consideration. Our detailed drawings include the location of safety equipment, essential safety routes and fire ratings that are clearly identified in accordance with NFPA.


At BM Outsourcing, we take pride in getting everything accurate, right down to the tiniest details. So if you have any professional design and drafting service needs, be sure to get in touch with BM Outsourcing about your plans. Our dedicated and experienced team will be happy to help and are on hand to guide you through the entire process.