Architecture and Interior

Architectural drawings

Experienced with different types of sectors. We produce accurate, high quality architectural drawings using AutoCAD or REVIT to provide our clients with outstanding results ready to be actualised. In compliance with the International Building Code, ANSI and the NFPA.    


Interior Design drawings

Using AutoCAD or REVIT, we'll start by creating sketches for you to help to clearly visualise the potential of your indoor space, using our expertise to ensure that every inch/mm has been considered with your architectural ambition in mind. In compliance with the International Building Code, ANSI and the NFPA.


Shop drawings

When it comes to shop drawings, we pride ourselves on extreme attention to detail, making the most of our extensive AutoCAD experience to fully realise your space and provide you with an excellent finish. In compliance with the International Building Code, ANSI and the NFPA    


Engineering - Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Structural Drawings

We make sure to bring structural drawings to life, consulting with our clients to ensure that their needs are met in drawings that showcase the intricate technicalities of their planned structures.     


HVAC Drawings

We utilise the accuracy of BIM when considering HVAC designs, using this outstanding software to design a heating and cooling system that works effectively for your building, beyond a 2D AutoCAD drawing that we have mastered years ago.    


Electrical drawings

We work with BIM and AutoCAD to create electrical drawings for your building, Outlining the intricacies of your wiring and electricity equipment accurately and clearly.     

Plumbing drawings

An essential component of any building, using clear and concise legends, our plumbing drawings seek to precisely illustrate this highly technical network of plumbing work within your project. 

Fire, Life and Safety drawings

To prepare any building for use, it's imperative to have the adequate fire, life and safety strategy drawn accurately to prevent potential damage or most severely, loss of life. We can help keep your building safe at all times by creating thoroughly detailed drawings to identify essential routes, equipment locations along with clearly identified fire ratings in accordance to the NFPA.  


3D Rendering and Visualization

Interior Rendering

Envisaging an interior architectural space is far easier done when enlisting us and our BIM and 3D rendering expertise. We can help you "step in" to your planned structure, putting life into the space and helping you to gain insight into your project's direction that is only possible thanks to the latest modelling technologies used.


Exterior Rendering

Using BIM and advanced 3D architecture modelling software’s, we can create a realistic 3D visualisation of your building that allows you to demonstrate to your clients how the project will really look externally on completion, enabling a true "feel" for the build that accurately captures your design.


BIM implementation - Autodesk REVIT


We utilise Revit “BIM” software throughout our architectural and engineering drawing services. It enables us to give you, our clients, the best results possible for the architectural projects and designs that you're invested in and passionate about. Increasing the quality and accuracy of the building, reducing errors and preventing clashes not to be seen on a standard 2D AutoCAD drawing.    

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Architectural Drawings
3D Rendering and Visualization
3D Rendering and Visualization


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